Title: Inky Girl

Author: Salvatore Robert Froio

ISBN: 9781449075743
Pages: 236
Description: After a long and exiting journey one of the magic ink bottles ends up with Lynn, a young girl, who lives in Massachusetts. At a Halloween costume party she discovers for the first time the extraordinary powers from the ink, when she saves a friend from a burning house. She becomes determined to find out more about the ink and its origin. She also feels great passion for helping people in need. The story starts in Egypt 1792 when a young boy finds a silver vase containing mystical black liquid in one of the pyramids. The black liquid is sold as ink and travels trough many persons and places. You meet real historical people like Charles Dickens, Samuel Cunard, William George Browne, Ann and Wendell Phillips, Celestino Madeiros and others. Inky Girl mixes real events with fiction and catches exciting glimpses from our history.
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